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Computer Networking

The most commonly used networking system is CAT 5 / 6 cable which consists of four twisted pairs of copper wire with RJ45 connectors on either end that plug into the computer and router / hub respectively to allow users to connect with other computers on the system as well as have Internet access. This system is generally used for small Local Area Networks.

Fibre Optics, because of its greater bandwidth capacity and ability to transmit data over longer distances, is generally used when installing Wide Area Networks.

Wireless Networking is when a computer networking system is free from wires / cables. A WLAN links tow or more devices over a short distance using a wireless distribution method providing a connection through an access point for Internet access.

CAT 5 / 5e / 6

Fibre Optics


We have a team of hard wired networking experts that have up to 10 years experience in the field. This includes:

Some of our hard wired networking installations include:

  • Car Dealerships:
    • Up to 100 individual networking points installed, tested and terminated onto a patch panel in a central cabinet.
    • 3 meshed internal wireless access points.
    • A point to point wireless connection over 4km for a failover internet link.
  • Insurance Broker/s:
    • Up to 50-60 individual CAT 5e/6 networking and telephony points.
    • Installed, tested, labelled and terminated.