Professional email management: secure SPAM filtering & easy email archiving


Voice Over IP Telephony

Are you currently using analogue lines for all your outgoing calls? You could be saving up to 30% by switching to VoIP!


Office Anywhere...

The new Office 365 - Boost your productivity with reliable access anywhere with services like email, calendar, file sharing, web conferencing, instant messaging, and web apps.

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Managed IT Services

All inclusive IT support at a fixed monthly cost - custom created to suit your business IT requirements.

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Broadband Connectivity

DSL Broadband Internet Services to suit your home or office needs...

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ADSL For the Home User

ScottNET provide ADSL accounts for Home Users & Businesses looking for premium bandwidth and optimised performance out of their internet link. For more information on our ADSL accounts please contact our offices.

Wireless Internet

Premium Wireless Broadband for the Home and Business User

ScottNET in partnership with BitCo, a tier 1 Telco and ISP provider, specialize in last mile connectivity via fibre and wireless technology. For a long time Telkom was the only last mile provider offering a “best effort” ADSL solution to most home and business users but now BitCo amongst other providers have built their own last mile infrastructure enabling us to provide our clients an uncompromised, reliable and fast broadband solution.



The benefits of this wireless solution include:

  • Guaranteed Services, with 99% uptime
  • Fully independent no third part operators
  • Fully Uncapped (subject to BitCo’s Acceptable Use Policy)
  • Carrier grade network
  • Tier 1 provider
  • Uncompromised Speed
  • Rapid deployment
  • No cable theft
Uptime Guaranteed 99% Not Guaranteed
Download Speed Guaranteed Best Effort
Upload Speed Minimum 1Mb Best Effort
Installation Time Within 2 Weeks Within 3 Weeks
Connectivity Method Wireless / Fibre Copper Cable


* Please note this product availability is subject to Line of Site to the nearest tower. Contact us today for more info.